NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR: We knew that music would play an important role in
telling this story. We decided to choose music that told a story in
itself. 17 of the 18 songs used for the movie were written well before,
but you will see that we were very fortunate that the music almost makes
feel like they were written for the movie. I think you will find that
all of the music in the movie is not only good, but an essential element
in telling the story of
Pyramid Highway.
Featured artists:
The Devil Himself

Rob Daiker


Chantell Tibbs

Rick Hays and the American Steel
Pyramid Highway
Lyrics written by: Ken Locke
Music written by: Rick Hays
Performed by: Rick Hays and The American Steel
Recorded by Todd Rold with Water Sign Studios
Written by: Rob Daiker
Performed by: Velabonz
Long Way Down
Written by: David Christensen
Performed by: The Devil Himself