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Screenplay, Directed and Edited by: James A. Ishoy
Story by: Ken Locke
Starring: Monica Jayne Booth
Co Starring: Michael S. Barnett and Anthony Specchio
with Director: James A. Ishoy
Director: James A. Ishoy
Co stars: Shelly Duschel and
Gabe Golden
Truly an independent no-budget film, this story revolves
around Carly Heck (Monica Jayne Booth), a wife and
mother of three who travels down the road of life in the
wrong direction. Set in the small mining town of Fernley
Nevada, this is a reflection of life left by drugs and
alcohol addiction in rural America. Carly drags her best
friend, Candace (Krystal Landrum), and her three
children through her pain. Intoxication, drugs and sex
become the tools of her destruction. Even the love from
a local deputy (Michael S. Barnett) can't scare Carly
straight. When Carly's late husband's criminal past
comes to collect a debt, she is pushed to the point of
no return. With nothing to lose she sets out to make
things right for herself. She finds it however, to be
all in vain.  
In an act of desperation she runs... and her "sins" are
catching up with her. On this fateful night her path is
forced to u-turn and she pays a terrible price. Karma
has found its prey on Pyramid Highway.
The photos on this website are credited to Mike Gange and Sheri Gardner although some photos may have been taken by other crew or cast member while on set
"solid acting a good story line with a
kick-ass soundtrack..."
Reno News and Review
"definitely worth seeing..."
Sparks Tribune
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